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Principal's Blessings

As everyone knows, the abilities to speak English and to write English are really important skills necessary for our students to become successful nowadays. English is used all around the world. It has become the accepted international language of commerce, travel and entertainment.

In this school, we emphasize the importance of being fluent in both the languages that we are used to, firstly, our native-tongue, Cantonese, and secondly, English (-not to mention the growing importance of Putonghua). However, in some situations in which our students as young adults will find themselves, English is considered even more important than both our Chinese languages, Cantonese and Putonghua. Therefore, all we teachers strongly encourage all of our students to develop their English speaking and writing skills for reasons such as these:

  • Many of our students see benefits in studying in a foreign country for high school and/or university. Popular destinations include England, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand which are English speaking countries. It is our school's vision and responsibility to develop all our students' academic abilities, and to prepare them for further studies at tertiary level.
  • In our students' futures, they will probably travel to a foreign country where they will face English speaking people. The skill in using English enables people to communicate and understand each other.
  • In our students' future employment, they might have to work with people who use English as the principal means of communication. They might work for a foreign company.

I remember being at Hong Kong Airport on the evening of the Tour's departure. All the students I spoke to, seemed so happy and excited, but they were curious about many things. They were so eager to see the aeroplane cabin, to pat a kangaroo, to hold a koala, to look at Forest Lake College, to meet their homestay families, and to experience the incredible fun-rides in the theme parks.

From all reports, this Second Australian Educational Tour was a successful and wonderful trip, and the students' expectations were met and surpassed. Firstly, I give thanks to God our Father from whom all good things come. Secondly, I commend our English Department teachers, especially our department head, Miss Connie Ng, (who organized this Second Australian Education Tour), Mr. Ning, Mr. Ball, Miss Chung, and Miss Chan for all their efforts over many months.

In thanking all those involved in this very successful Second Australian Educational Tour the teachers, the parents, the student-participants -, I offer this prayer for all our students. That you may have an enjoyable school life, and that you make good use of all the opportunities that this school provides to develop your skills and abilities during your years at this school.

Mr. Edwin Poon