At LLCMHLSS, we teachers uphold the aim of developing the whole-being of our students, and the program of Top Teens Camps was especially designed to achieve this aim. The Top Teen Camps aims to help our fresh Secondary One students adapt to the many challenges of being in Secondary school. Secondary One students are usually filled with curiosity and a quest for knowledge. While our classroom activities cater for the acquisition of academic knowledge, Top Teens Camps focus on increasing students' confidence to face various emotional and social challenges associated with growing up and with being in a new school. The activities of the Top Teen Camps hope to develop in our students' life skills such as their cooperative skills, communication skills and leadership skills.

Programme at a glance

Top Teens Camps are coordinated and led by the Counselling Teachers, professional Social Workers and Secondary One Class Teachers. A group of big 'brothers' and 'sisters' from our senior forms also carry the role as buddies and instructors to the Secondary One students. By participating in the challenging activities of hiking and trailing, students' self-confidence is greatly increased. These activities also provide a golden opportunity for our students' moral and religious education. Our students learn to respect their own lives and the lives, to respect and protect the natural environment, and to know the Creator of this environment.
The Top Teens Camp proved to be very successful and we hope the
impacts on our students are lifelong.

Our Beliefs

We teachers believe that all our students are unique and valuable. They all possess unlimited and unexplored multi-intelligence. They are ever-changing and growing in various aspects especially their values and beliefs.
At the Top Teens Camps, we teachers try to work with our students to help them develop their potential in pleasant and interesting environment.

4 'F' in Top Teens Camp


The activities of the Top Teens Camps are based on our experience that our students have lots of energy, and they learn best in a fun-situation. Our students also have a strong desire to belong to the group. Therefore, the experiences and adventures in the Top Teen Camps are aimed to build up mutual trust between students, to develop the spirit of teamwork, and to nurture friendships.
Through coping with the challenges of the activities and of the environment, students learn to cope with difficulties by helping and depending on other people, whether these be fellow-students, their senior form 'buddies', or teachers.
In conclusion, the Top Teens Camp definitely developed the fundamental life skills of our Secondary One students, and judging from their positive comments and smiles, they had a fun-time being there. The Top Teen Camps offer much to our Secondary One students beginning at our school.